Beginner's Guide to FIO Protocol (FIO) Voting for Block Producer

Users who choose to hold their own coins can join the FIO Protocol (FIO) voting for a block producer like MyCointainer. Voters can earn up to 34.00% APR and so much more.

Beginner's Guide to FIO Protocol (FIO) Voting for Block Producer

We are pleased to announce that MyCointainer is a registered validator of the FIO Protocol (FIO). Token holders are entitled to vote for a Block Producer (BP), and in return for their participation, they receive incentives and have the advantage of earning passive income. We believe that this is another step towards good governance and improves the reliability of blockchain, along with the growth of your FIO investment.

With the vote for MyCointainer, you delegate your FIO tokens to the MyCointainer node that stakes your coins on your behalf. Since MyCointainer node actively staking new blocks on the FIO Protocol blockchain, we are committed to offering the same network security benefits as regular staking and therefore the same rewards.

The advantage of voting for a BP is that you still have control over the coins you own, and that your rewards will be retained in your safekeeping. MyCointainer node cannot access your funds and will not have any portion of your stake rewards.

Delegation Terms

Annual Percentage Rate
Minimum stake
Unbonding Period

Block Producer

Let's vote!

Select Wallet

FIO Web Wallet

  1. Create an account/ log in on FIO Official Dashboard.
  2. Create your personalized @mycointanier crypto handle for a new wallet. Or import your existing crypto handle.
  3. Click the "Stake" button.
  4. Make sure to choose "main@mycointainer" proxy.
  5. Enter the FIO Stake Amount. Check the Proxy/Vote Your Token is for main@mycointainer.
  6. Click "Stake FIO Tokens" to submit the transaction.

Anchor Wallet + Fio Block explorer

  1. Open your account in Anchor Wallet.
  2. Go to
  3. Click “Login” on the top right corner.
  4. Choose the correct wallet and proceed with the information on site.
  5. Go to the “Vote” section.
  6. Make sure to select bp@mycointainer by clicking the check box on left side of the name.
  7. Click the “Vote” button on the top right corner.

Anchor Wallet (Desktop version)

  1. Open your account in Anchor Wallet.
  2. Restore your FIO wallet.
  3. Go to the “Governance” tab.
  4. Unselect all pre-selected validator.
  5. Select bp@mycointainer by clicking the check box on left side.
  6. Click "Submit Vote".

FIO Protocol (FIO) Staking App

MyCointainer lets you participate in the most simplified crypto staking mechanism in return for higher yields in a user-friendly earn app. You can invest for as little 1 EUR!

How to start hot staking?

  1. Go to the deposit page of FIO Protocol. (Before, you would need to Login to your account. For new users, please register here)
  2. A FIO Protocol (FIO) wallet address will be generated upon request.
  3. Deposit FIO tokens to the address displayed. The moment your deposit is successful your staking rewards will start.

FIO Protocol (FIO) Exchange App

Our built-in exchange lets you buy and sell staking FIO Protocol (FIO) tokens against BTC, USDT and EUR. We offer the best trading pairs compared to major crypto exchanges. Thanks to our service, you don't need to buy staking assets elsewhere meanwhile having rewards generated automatically right after trade.

How to start trading?

  1. Once logged in, click "Exchange".
  2. Select either BTC, USDT or EUR currency, and trade it with FIO Protocol (FIO).
    NOTE: Ensure you have enough balance of the assets in your wallet to make transactions. Otherwise, assets may not be displayed on the lists.
  3. The FIO tokens will be transferred to your in-app wallet. For every successful trades, you will receive bonus coins.
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