Bringing ThunderCore Staking on MyCointainer

The MyCointainer community will soon be able to participate in the thriving ThunderCore ecosystem.

Bringing ThunderCore Staking on MyCointainer

The MyCointainer community will soon be able to participate in the thriving ThunderCore ecosystem. We are proud to announce that the joint partnership will have a positive financial impact on users' passive earnings by staking ThunderCore native token ($TT), which offers higher yields while strengthening the decentralized network. Token holders who wish to have easy access to the Proof-of-Stake mechanism can use the MyCointainer platform and begin their staking journey.

Project in a Nutshell

ThunderCore is a powerful, ultra-fast Web3 blockchain that delivers exceptional performance and competitive scalability for thousands of crypto projects. With its groundbreaking consensus protocol, "PaLa" solves the "trilemma" of scalability, enabling the network to generate up to 4,000 transactions per second (TPS) with almost zero gas fees.

Its own native currency, $TT, is used for transaction fees when executing smart contracts, and also a medium of exchange. Delegating $TT to earn staking rewards is now conveniently possible. Rewards are based on the amount of $TT user's stake and the volume of transactions on the network.

ThunderCore boasts an international community of enthusiasts from over 100 countries. They had an impressive 500,000 monthly active users. Also, crypto builders are welcome to develop the next generation of DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi applications using the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible ThunderCore architecture.

With ThunderCore, transaction speed exceeds the speed of Ethereum and other competitors. Higher speed means more daily transactions and participants. Most particularly, it can execute smart contracts that monitor asset transfers between the parties objectively and logically.

MyCointainer and ThunderCore work plans

We will begin the exposure of $TT through wallet integration. The asset will be available for deposits and withdrawals, creating a digital gateway for our users to engage and support the newly listed project. Token holders who are new to MyCointainer can instantly sign up here.  

Since ThunderCore recently offers PoS staking, it is perfect to have the asset in our platform for the community to recognize because it grants higher APR compared to other crypto rewards. Our staking solution is designed to automatically generate profits daily. And we eliminate all the hassle associated with technical details and requirements on staking to encourage more people to use the token and platform, thus accelerating crypto adoption.  

MyCointainer exchange will open trading pairs for $TT against BTC, USDT and major cryptocurrencies, as well as EUR and other fiat pairs. Not only will traders have the best buy / sell rates, but they will also receive special bonus coins.

Why should you be interested in the ThunderCore?

The ThunderCore team continuously develops a super-scalable environment that the Web3 community can embrace. Whether you are just starting to build your own app or an experienced developer, anyone can maximize the potential of ThunderCore public blockchain, as it provides the best resources at a minimum cost.  

ThunderCore's initiative to launch a new PoS staking service means more people can get involved in the network and improve the security of the chain. Through the MyCointainer platform, supporters can take advantage of the decentralized staking and receive incentives via additional ThunderCore Tokens.

MyCointainer and ThunderCore are both looking forward to giving users the best staking experience, which includes a wide range of investment and financial uses for the token. A safe and secure digital space to help you grow your wealth is our core foundation.

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