Celebrate Planq ($PLQ) integration with a 0% staking fee for a month!

Ready for a new way to maximize your crypto gains? MyCointainer is celebrating its integration with Planq by offering 0% staking fees on $PLQ tokens.

Celebrate Planq ($PLQ) integration with a 0% staking fee for a month!

Intro - Planq (PLQ)

Planq is a high-throughput, Proof-of-Stake blockchain that merges the best of Ethereum's ecosystem with the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core consensus. It offers Web3 and EVM compatibility, enabling developers to deploy Ethereum-like smart contracts within the Cosmos ecosystem, ensuring fast transactions and scalability.

Celebrating Planq's Integration with 0% Staking Fee

To commemorate the successful integration of Planq, MyCointainer is excited to offer 0% staking fees on $PLQ for the next month (starting 20.12.2023). This is a fantastic opportunity for both new and existing users to stake their $PLQ and reap the full benefits of their rewards without any additional fees.

How to start staking?

Staking Planq on MyCointainer is straightforward and user-friendly. To earn $PLQ, you have to deposit $PLQ directly using its native network and the first rewards will start showing on your account within 24 hours. The main benefit of this solution is that your coins are compounding daily and every day you are getting slightly more return.

Other Planq integrations on MyCointainer

Beyond staking, Planq is fully integrated into MyCointainer, enhancing the platform’s offerings:

  • Cold Staking - Delegate (stake) in a non-custodial way with the help of our interactive guide.
  • Node Deployment - Run your own Planq node (and register your own validator if you wish!) thanks to our business service. Keep in mind that a business account is a different account than a personal one.

Earn Network Restaking integration & Staking Campaign

Planq was also recently launched on Earn Network platform, where users could smoothly delegate and turn on restaking to squeeze as much as they can from the native rewards. In partnership with them, the $300 staking campaign has been launched, allowing the community to earn extra rewards in the form of $PLQ.


Join us in celebrating the integration of Planq and take advantage of the 0% staking fees. Whether you're staking, trading, or exploring the utility of $PLQ, MyCointainer offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to enhance your crypto journey. Stake your $PLQ today and enjoy the benefits of this exciting new addition to our platform!