Deploy your KnoxFS Masternodes on MyCointainer Today!

We are pleased to announce that KnoxFS masternode deployment is now part of MyCointainer Business solutions.

Deploy your KnoxFS Masternodes on MyCointainer Today!

We are pleased to announce that KnoxFS masternode deployment is now part of MyCointainer Business solutions. This leverages the speed, scalability, and analytical tools of running your own masternode with ease using the cutting-edge hosting infrastructure of MyCointainer. We believe you can do more on your decentralized app, while we handle the drudgery tasks all related to masternode deployment.  

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MyCointainer supports a number of chains and access to multiple protocols to bring your technology to the next level. You can monitor the status of your masternode 24/7 with our fool-proof dashboard which does not need technical knowledge to operate. Our enhanced APIs can simplify and optimize the user experience, including streamlined integration in just a few clicks. Save time and effort by setting up your masternode on MyCointainer.

How does KnoxFS work?

KnoxFS is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on decentralized data storage, distribution, privacy, and security. It aims to provide innovative, secure, and private storage applications to the non-blockchain and cryptocurrency-based world for both consumers and companies around the globe. KnoxFS utilizes existing third-party open-source storage networks, which enables scalability, flexibility, and redundancy.

Since KnoxFS utilizes the blockchain and a decentralized method of storage, users are not dependent on the service of a centralized storage provider. This gives every user the opportunity to have full control over how much storage they need and where they place their data.

The KnoxFS blockchain uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and supports staking and masternodes. KnoxFS provides individual users with the opportunity to contribute to the KnoxFS ecosystem by either holding KFX - the native coin, masternodes, staking, monetizing their own storage contribution, or trading our wrapped Token.

A collateral of 1,000 KFX is required to operate a KFX Masternode. A minimum of 50 KFX is required to enable staking. For providing such services, holders/owners are paid a certain portion of reward (in KFX). The KnoxFS Masternodes are incentivized nodes that receive rewards based on their availability and their ability to offer network services in a decentralized and trustworthy manner.

Deploy your KnoxFS Masternodes on MyCointainer and Earn Passive Income

MyCointainer has paved the way for the easiest method to run your masternode, which does not require heavy manual work from you. To start your node deployment journey, you need to create an account / sign in to MyCointainer Business. Next, follow this straightforward article on how to set up your node. Beginners and veterans will find the guide extremely simple, as it only takes a few minutes to complete the integration.

Our round-the-clock technical representatives will be more than glad to answer any questions you might have regarding the node setup or in-depth explanation of our services.

Partnering with MyCointainer removes your troubles from constant node updates and maintenance. As well as the technical configurations and hardwares needed to deploy the node. We aim to reduce the complexity of working with blockchains through powerful infrastructures and technical engineering. Having this kind of node deployment service won't ruin your budget, and it's cost-effective compared to buying your own equipment and time building the node.

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MyCointainer stands out because our node management guarantees superb uptime results, seamless scaling, and the security of the node infrastructure is at the highest level. Users can access the nodes through MyCointainer's reliable API for KnoxFS without compromising token safety.

Give yourself time to focus on important aspects of your business - build, run and scale the best dApps of the future, and allow MyCointainer to support you in your back-end masternode deployment process.