Fantom (FTM) Staking Live on MyCointainer

MyCointainer users can begin to utilize the Fantom infrastructure on the platform. This includes $FTM staking that lets you earn ∼2% APR.

Fantom (FTM) Staking Live on MyCointainer

We are thrilled to announce the integration of the Fantom (FTM) ecosystem into the MyCointainer platform. Starting today, communities can utilize the earning applications of the $FTM token through staking, and support the project's infrastructure to build the best decentralized applications. Easily gain access to these products and services, and earn passive income on the token without needing intense technical expertise.

Fantom Ecosystem Introduction

Fantom is a decentralized, permissionless, open-source smart contract platform for decentralized applications (dApps).

Fantom solves the scalability problems plaguing many traditional blockchains through its high-speed consensus mechanism, Lachesis. Lachesis is leaderless, offers finality, and provides asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance which allows the chain to scale without compromising on security.

The native token of the Fantom network is $FTM. It is used for staking, voting on crucial decisions, making payments and covering transaction fees.

Fantom Token Integration on MyCointainer

Community members can deposit or withdraw $FTM tokens from their dedicated MyCointainer wallet. Instantly view your cryptocurrency on the website or mobile app and keep track of your investments every day. There is no limit to the amount of deposits or withdrawals you can perform, so you can transact as much as you want.

Fantom Stake to Earn

MyCointainer has added the $FTM token to the list of proof-of-stake assets available on the platform. The staking begins once the deposit has been validated and reflected in your MyCointainer wallet. Immediately receive daily staking rewards as you keep the cryptocurrency in your digital wallet over an extended period of time.

Conveniently increase your $FTM holdings through the staking mechanism and avoid the in-depth technicalities of Fantom staking, ideal for anyone who wants to start their staking journey.

Fantom (FTM)

Earn ∼2% APR when you stake $FTM on MyCointainer.

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Staking $FTM is a great way to earn passive income from your crypto assets and generate better yields. In MyCointainer, you can make your money work for you with stable and secured financial returns.

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