Hololoot Partners with MyCointainer to Support Token Integration

We are happy to announce that MyCointainer will join forces with Hololoot to integrate token support and explore new possibilities on AR and NFT technologies

Hololoot Partners with MyCointainer to Support Token Integration

We are happy to announce that MyCointainer will join forces with Hololoot to integrate its ecosystem token $HOL and explore new possibilities interconnected with AR and NFT technologies. The asset listing on MyCointainer will grant users to earn dual token incentives and access to airdrops, simply by staking $HOL to hold the token in the long term.

Project in a Nutshell

Hololoot presents itself as the world’s first AR NFT generator, marketplace, and metaverse designed for widespread adoption. Built by AR industry veterans, and combines the latest developments in 3D modeling with the unique properties of NFTs to produce an app that is simultaneously powerful and easy to use.

Hololoot designed a user-friendly UX to encourage mainstream adoption and built a no-code AR classroom solution. It means Hololoot is entirely self-service, and anyone can use the tools without prior experience with AR and NFTs. Users can buy and display AR assets in a few clicks, mint NFTs and participate in the marketplace without any platform support.

Hololoot is powered by two tokens: $HOL, the primary token of the ecosystem, and Holopixel ($PIXEL), the internal reward token of Hololoot. The Hololoot team chooses a dual-token model to motivate holders not only to stake the $HOL and earn competitive staking rewards but also to actively increase the size of their stake to farm $PIXEL. The staking mechanics are intended to lock in investments, both liquidity, and the ecosystem, for as long as possible by offering outstanding rewards to stakers.

As Hololoot grows, the $HOL token will add more utility and unlock many general benefits that come with AR, NFTs, and metaverses.

MyCointainer and the Hololoot work plans

Similar to Hololoot's key principles, we both intend to improve the digital space which should be user-friendly and financially rewarding. Since Hololoot focuses on AR NFT generator and marketplace developments, and MyCointainer as an all-in-one crypto earning app, both still view this collaboration as beneficial in a way that the community can maximize the full potential of the projects' distinctive services.

The partnership between MyCointainer and Hololoot will raise awareness and exciting deals for all crypto enthusiasts.

First, we will introduce Hololoot ($HOL) on MyCointainer's asset page, along with over 200 cryptocurrencies, and continue with the in-wallet integration that allows token deposits and withdrawals.

$HOL will be available for custodial staking with a minimum of 10% APR. There is no limit to the amount of $HOL users can stake, so they can continue to add $HOL over time to increase their passive income. Once the deposit of $HOL is confirmed on MyCointainer, it automatically begins the staking mechanism, which allows them to earn daily rewards. Hold the tokens over an extended period, and watch it grow exponentially due to the platform's compounding interest approach.

The token will launch its initial trading pair against USDT. Additionally, MyCointainer will soon introduce exchange pairs against BTC and EURO, as well as major crypto and fiat. Take advantage of the built-in exchange and have the lowest buy/sell rates, with supplementary bonus coins for every successful transaction.

Last but not least, MyCointainer will facilitate the distribution of $PIXEL tokens to all $HOL holders. In accordance with the dual token model incentives of Hololoot, an adjustable conversion rate will be the basis of the allocation, e.g.: 10 $HOL = 1 $PIXEL / day. This makes investing in $HOL much more attractive since it gives out new tokens with its own utility.

Why should you be interested in Hololoot?

Hololoot is a new technology that unites the fascinating world of augmented reality and the advancing realm of non-fungible tokens. Incorporating different ways of earning while having fun with AR activities encourages more people to join daily. Claiming tokens for every win in the AR mini-games, trading the airdropped NFT in the marketplace, and even getting paid to watch AR ads are some of the possibilities to monetize the programs in the future.

With a $HOL token, the project has created a system where Hololoot investors are significantly rewarded. Through MyCointainer, stakers will gain better yields and exclusive NFT drops compared to storing the $HOL in a regular wallet.

MyCointainer and Hololoot will transform how people interact with digital assets and secure profits for the holder’s financial success.

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