MyCointainer, Reliable Node Service Provider for Dock Network

We are excited to announce that you can now deploy your own Dock validator node in the MyCointainer platform.

MyCointainer, Reliable Node Service Provider for Dock Network

We are excited to announce that you can now deploy your own Dock validator node in the MyCointainer platform. Utilize the powerful infrastructure tools and technical resources from our business solutions. The addition of Dock to MyCointainer's list of supported blockchains means we shoulder the maintenance and engineering of the Dock node on your behalf, so you can focus on building your technology.

The best part of partnering with MyCointainer as your node provider is you won't have to spend a lot of money and effort finding the proper tools to deploy. We have proven experience in running our own Dock validator node and we hope to share our success with you as you begin your node deployment.

What is the Dock Network?

Dock is an autonomous network for producing digital credentials that utilize blockchain and make credentials secure, verifiable and return data control to owners.

They have been building Decentralized Identities (DID) and verifiable credentials (VC) technology, which will act as a gateway to Web3 in the future. They have been working with organizations to adapt and innovate the digital ecosystem by helping understand the true ownership of their data and making their documents, certificates, and credentials become fraud-proof, and instantly verifiable.

The Dock Network is useful for creating standards-compliant, scalable, and cost-effective applications for issuing and verifying credentials on the blockchain, which allow users to make any document tamper-proof. VC are documents that contain a crypto signature: a permanent stamp that allows anyone to confirm you issued that credential.

What is the DOCK token?

The Dock utility token (DOCK) plays a key role in aligning incentives across all of the Dock network’s participants including issuers, validators, token holders, and the Dock Association, and ensures collaboration and growth.

Any token holder can engage in the platform's association by submitting open proposals, voting on the network's development, and selecting board members. DOCK tokens are needed to process network functions, such as creating a decentralized identity, revoking and anchoring credentials, and creating schemas to structure credentials.  

The Dock token serves as emission rewards to validators who support the infrastructure of the network and process transactions. To become a validator in Dock’s Nominated Proof-of-Stake Network, candidates must lock (stake) tokens and can invite others (nominators) to lock tokens on their behalf. The network selects up to 50 validators to participate concurrently based on the amount of Dock staked.

Become a Dock Validator instantly with MyCointainer Business

Validators play an essential role in the Dock network by processing and finalizing blocks to secure and maintain the network. In order to fulfill these responsibilities properly, MyCointainer will help you manage your node and provide top-notch technology with the highly professional specialists on board.

MyCointainer aims to make node deployment accessible for everyone. We simplify the process of building and operating the node, and free you from the stress of self-hosted deployment. We offer you your own node with 24/7 live monitoring to efficiently address operational flows.

To start your node deployment journey, you need to create an account / sign in to MyCointainer Business. Next, follow this straightforward article on how to set up your node. Beginners and veterans will find the guide extremely simple, as it only takes a few minutes to complete the integration.

Node Deployment - Universal Guide How To Deploy Your First Node | MyCointainer Help Center
Check out our universal step-by-step guide

Our customer service representatives are happy to answer questions arising from the setup or clarification of our services. In addition, the intuitive user interface of the platform allows you to navigate it directly without worries and technical difficulties.

Pairing with MyCointainer to run your node won't break your budget because we offer reasonable sales methods that suit your preference. The amount of capital involved in having a node service provider is very minimal, compared to the amount of equipment purchases plus the time spent.

Our node administration guarantees excellent uptime results, seamless scaling, and the security of the infrastructure is impeccable to avoid slashing of rewards.

The MyCointainer team believes in the future of the Dock Network and believes you too can contribute to the decentralization and evolution of digital credentials.