MyCointainer Launches a New Interface for Desktop & Mobile app

We’re incredibly thrilled to reward you for your patience and introduce you to the Platform Upgrade. Now, MyCointainer products look more visually coherent and appealing to use. Let’s have a sneak peek at the most important alterations we’ve made.

MyCointainer Launches a New Interface for Desktop & Mobile app

Dear MyCointainer Community,

We know you’ve been waiting for it. And it’s finally happened!

Having reviewed your feedback, MyCointainer’s team decided to make the services simpler, more straightforward, and intuitive with this huge update.

We’re incredibly thrilled to reward you for your patience and introduce you to the Platform Upgrade!  

Now, MyCointainer products look more visually coherent and appealing to use. Let’s have a sneak peek at the most important alterations we’ve made.


The Dashboard is the first and one of the most important elements of MyCointainer’s Platform Upgrade Launch. We’ve taken into account all your suggestions and restructured the layout of the main page to make it more informative and convenient.

As of now, you can view all MyCointainer’s services and comfortably navigate through them. You have quick access to the full spectrum of information about your total balance, cashback rewards, assets, and main news. With the Platform Upgrade, the journey to a certain function is one click away from this single page.

Your home page is now divided into 3 main sections for your own comfort:

  • Redesigned navigation with easy and quick access to all services.
  • Key statistics of your balance with the distribution of income from staking and cashback
  • Detailed overview of all your assets, the most important statistics to measure profitability as well as APY to easily track your rewards on the main page.


The all-new Exchange has a more consistent look now, making cryptocurrency exchange more frictionless and convenient.

Besides, Transaction details and costs were added to the bottom of the page. Now, this section visually represents how the transaction fees are calculated, so that you can orient yourself in exchange rates much better.

The details in this section include:

  • the number of crypto tokens exchanged
  • the received amount of the desired token
  • paid fee particular fee

Exchange your crypto holding with ease and comfort.


With the Platform Upgrade, there is now a separate Wallet page showing transactions and receipts. It offers functionalities similar to the Dashboard, but it’s more convenient to review all your purchasing and staking activities, especially due to an additional column with asset fees. With it, you can now distinguish trends and changes that might affect your earnings in a particular manner.

Earning apps


Staking through the Earning Apps page is now more convenient than ever! From now on, you have access to the list of staking assets together with their names and annual rewards value. Unlike the other pages, this one represents reward fees for each individual coin.

This is very handy for our newcomers, who are just getting started to unravel the passive reward opportunities at MyCointainer and make their first steps.

Additionally, the most well-performing coins are featured at the top of the page to make staking decisions less of a burden.


Next comes the MyCointainer functionality, which allows users to get rewards after making purchases in over 2300 online global shops.

To get cashback, you will have to download the EarnBack extension from the desktop browser version. Once you’re done, use this Earning App to track rewards history, view your cashback balance, add stores to your favorites, and much more.

What makes crypto cashback even more enjoyable is a country filter. You can apply it to the list of available shops and choose the stores in the closest proximity to you.


We are fully committed to protecting our users from unauthorized external access, advancing the security features of the platform. By becoming a licensed partner of Fireblocks, we combine the advantages of the trusted and secured Fireblocks wallet and the easy-to-use MyCointainer earning app.

We enhanced the platform’s KYC verification allowing digital on-boarding and swift review of the documents within minutes. Guarding personal data with the highest level of cyber security.

While MyCointainer maintains the security within the community, we still encourage our users to personally enable a second layer of protection by enabling the 2-factor authentication and biometrics in addition to their password. There’s always a way to eliminate malicious online attacks.

Changes in the Mobile version

Some remarkable updates can be spotted in the mobile version of MyCointainer. Now, the app is more adjusted and altered according to our users' needs. You no longer need to switch between the desktop and mobile for a better user experience. With the Platform upgrade, it's enough to choose one device and perform all the actions in a way that is the most comfortable for you.

Before, users could only perform 3 functions from this page. These include staking, exchange, and airdrops.

In the new version, you can find two more buttons called Cold Staking and Cashback. The content and design of every app were altered in the way described just above.

Download the MyCointainer app on the App Store, or Get it on Google Play for FREE! Update the app with its latest version to have the best mobile crypto earning app.


We expect that the newly designed and refreshed functionalities will make your crypto experience at MyCointainer much easier and navigate through the app’s interactions in a more simplified and comprehensible way.

Check out the complete overview of the Platform Upgrade here.


The MyCointainer Team