MyCointainer Opens Staking and Exchange Functionalities for Decimal (DEL)

MyCointainer users can begin to utilize the DecimalChain infrastructure on the platform. This includes $DEL staking which let you earn ∼101% APR.

MyCointainer Opens Staking and Exchange Functionalities for Decimal (DEL)

MyCointainer has successfully listed Decimal, which allows $DEL token holders to stake, delegate, and trade on the platform. The partnership integration brings out the best of the staking approach because of the earning opportunities it offers to all crypto enthusiasts.

MyCointainer and DecimalChain combine their resources to create the most convenient staking solution that is easily accessible, without needing hard skills to earn passive income.

Token Integration on MyCointainer

DEL Staking

MyCointainer has launched a validator node on the DecimalChain and leverages its earning possibilities. Community members who wish to stake their $DEL tokens can do so by holding the asset in their MyCointainer wallet. The staking rewards are automatically generated daily, and users can monitor their cryptocurrencies using the desktop or mobile app.

Over a year, the investment can yield up to 101.40% APR.

Decimal (DEL)

Stake with 101.40% yearly rewards!

Stake Now

DEL Trading Pairs

MyCointainer is regulated by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) to provide services of exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, and vice versa. The platform's built-in exchange enables users to buy and sell $DEL against BTC, USDT, EUR and many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Get the best rates and a bonus crypto with every successful trade to maximize the rewards.

Decimal (DEL)

Buy your DEL tokens today through MyCointainer Exchange and receive bonus coins.

Trade DEL

DEL Cold Staking

MyCointainer's Cold Staking is a decentralized application that allows users to participate in the staking mechanism while holding their tokens and private keys. Also, holders receive the same financial benefit of earning rewards and the highest level of security for their assets.

Delegate your $DEL to the MyCointainer node and have stable returns that are stored directly in your offline wallet.

Decimal (DEL)

Delegate with 101.40% yearly rewards.

Delegate today

Quote from Decimal Team

The DecimalChain team is happy to cooperate with MyContainer, and we hope that our technologies would be interesting and beneficial for users.

Project in a nutshell

DecimalChain is a blockchain, and a constructor for developing all types of tokens (stablecoins, NFT Tokens, liquid, illiquid) which does not require particular hard skills from the creator. The project utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism to reward the validators with new DEL coins.

  • DecimalChain is a revolutionary blockchain project that forms the basis for collaboration and interoperability with various blockchain networks and projects. As a result, the project gathered around itself a powerful crypto community of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers.
  • The idea of DecimalChain is to provide users with a simple, intuitive, and high-tech solution to construct various types of tokens.
  • DEL is the token of the Decimal blockchain, and a new part of DEL is produced on the network as an incentive to specialized validators for the creation of the block.
  • The project is backed by a team of entrepreneurs and blockchain developers of two crypto projects - BitTeam and Crypton.

Why should you be interested in Decimal?

  • The DecimalChain team creates new solutions and incorporates cutting-edge features like cross-chain swapping with the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Decimal Block Core is compatible with more than 400 projects in the Cosmos Network because of the Cosmos SDK.
  • The native token, DEL, serves as a reserve when creating your own coin in the DecimalChain ecosystem. This makes your coin liquid and can be exchanged with any other network token or DEL.
  • The initial base reward of validators for a block was 50 DEL. As of March 2022, the reward is 241 DEL.

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