MyCointainer partnerships with Coin of the Champions

MyCointainer partnerships with Coin of the Champions
Coin of the Champions integrated into MyCointainer Platform.

‎As MyCointainer continues to innovate staking services, we're happy to announce the integration of Coin of the Champions (COC) into MyCointainer's earning system. We believe that this is beginning of a fantastic adventure for both sides.

From now on users can transfer or buy COC with BTC, EUR and many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies directly in MyCointainer Exchange. Moreover, holding COC into platform will generate 20% yearly income. Most importantly, staking starts right after buy/deposit and rewards will automatically take effect.

First Token of Champions! $COC

COC is the first Token supported by past and present athletes that has multiple purposes and objectives. COC is allocated to various international and national non-profit organizations which will be formalized over time. Coin of the Champions iniciative brings less fortunate young people closer to sport by gathering and upgrading sports centers.

Why should you be interested in COC?

The private individual who buys COC in tokens will see his purchasing power increased significantly from the growth over time of the value in exchange markets thanks to the activity of all COC sports testimonials.

COC token holders will be able to purchase goods and services and use them as a payment method in many commercial activities.

Stake COC with 20% yearly rewards! 

Start earning right after buy or deposit.

Earn now!

COC’s owners will soon be able to use it for different purposes: buy COC NFT cards, use it to spend it in online and offline stores and to buy their Metaverse services.

Learn more about Coin of the Champions project:

Coin of Champions Website