MyCointainer, The Automated Staking Ecosystem

MyCointainer brings you a staking mechanism whereby you can run an automated staking and masternode operation and receive profits in return. While trying to educate the public on cryptocurrencies and blockchain advancements.

MyCointainer, The Automated Staking Ecosystem
MyCointainer, The Automated Staking Ecosystem

The onset of cryptocurrencies came along with impressive innovations such as blockchains, which continue to spearhead their functionalities. Through blockchains, the concept of transactional throughput is significantly improving on various digital currency platforms.

However, for blockchains to reach their full potential, operational nodes need to be in place to monitor and ensure a sustainable transaction system. Basically, running nodes and masternodes give users a new way of earning an income to run nodes and masternode services.

What’s interesting is that anyone can become a node operator and participate in validating transactions. Stake payments are the only requirements for interested users hoping to take part in the Proof of Stake system as validators.

In essence, stake contributions help maintain a transparent network because nodes can lose their stakes due to any form of misconduct. For that reason, it becomes an obligation for nodes and masternodes to avoid any form of malicious activity that may implicate their positions as operators on a blockchain network.

MyCointainer brings you a similar staking mechanism whereby you can run an automated staking and masternode operation and receive profits in return. While trying to educate the public on cryptocurrencies and blockchain advancements, MyCointainer is also in pursuit of providing straightforward and professional staking services.

Where to Start

MyCointainer introduces a simplified way of starting your staking journey in the digital asset ecosystem. Firstly, users will have to select a cryptocurrency asset they prefer from a diverse number of assets hosted on MyCointainer’s system.

After that, users transfer a certain staking amount to the ecosystem’s staking wallet. Finally, the user will automatically receive regular profits as MyCointainer leverages the power of blockchains. Staking for more extended periods presents higher probabilities of garnering more incomes.

Moreover, the staking network doesn’t need any expert skill to navigate through it. Instead, the platform handles every technical detail and only aims at utilizing your hard-earned money for profit maximization.

Supported Assets

MyCointainer covers a wide range of PoS assets in the crypto economy. Since there is no minimum or maximum deposit amount, you can choose from a variety of digital assets each carrying different reward fees. For instance, a virtual asset like Cardano(ADA) contains a reward fee of 0.43%.

Video Tutorials

Curious individuals and new members can watch on MyCointainer’s Youtube channel for easy video guides. From the basics of the registration process, to activation of Two-Factor Authenticator, the channel makes every activity as simple as possible. On top of these, 60+ special videos on how to stake and earn rewards are found to be valuable for all users.

In-Built Exchange

As an integrated feature, MyCointainer contains its own exchange platform. Therefore, users are able to make exchanges and receive their desired coin out of all those hosted on MyCointainer.

Designing an in-built exchange is an ideal way of ensuring users avoid going through the hassle of swapping coins from another exchange in order to stake with MyCointainer.

More Details on Rewards, Withdrawals, and Deposits

Earning on MyCointainer varies from the underlying math behind the masternode reward calculations and the particular coin being staked. However, the staking company’s percentage rates are based on specific aspects such as the number of blockchain blocks.

The good news is that some coins contain an inbuilt calculator that determines the approximate amount of rewards a user should receive. In the future, MyCointainer will eventually design a staking source data whereby users will have an easy time in determining the rewards from masternodes and which allotment is from the regular staking. MyCointainer will construct this feature by gathering and publishing the investor’s staking information.

Airdrop Giveaways

Airdrop giveaways are mechanisms that companies and developers use to attract new customers to their platforms. The platform owners do this by distributing free cryptocurrencies or in the form of gifts.

MyCointainer rewards users via airdrops for handling tasks such as registering, joining, or making comments on their social sites. Airdrops are also an effective way to create brand awareness and receive feedback from MyCointainer users on how they like the staking company’s product so far.

After receiving the airdrop giveaways, users can decide on whether to withdraw the digital currency, transfer it to another party as a gift, or use it to stake at MyCointainer. The airdrops are also automated functions that are circulated by trading bots.

Safety Precautions

Without a doubt, many people may prefer dealing with a regulated platform because it instills a sense of security towards the platform’s participants. MyCointainer is a fully regulated staking ecosystem that displays all its legal details on the platform itself.

Additionally, it conducts verification procedures for every account registering with the staking platform. The account verification is per the staking company’s terms and conditions. Hence, failure to identify yourself can limit you from accessing some services such as withdrawal of funds.

MyCointainer also carefully monitors and counter checks every transaction related to the different digital coins. To avoid compromising users’ investments, the staking platform employs a Secured Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), which typically reimburses back investors in the event of hacks or any other breaches.

The regulated staking institution further transfers and stores an investor’s digital assets in cold wallets for safe-keeping. Cold wallets are technically safer since all assets are stored offline in a hardware device, thus becoming less susceptible to hacks.

Third-party interventions come with several uncertainties and risks, especially when acting as custodial entities. As for MyContainer, honesty is their number one priority as they assure stakers or investors the ultimate professionalism to build a creditable and worthwhile staking/masternode company. Under lawful grounds, MyCointainer is licensed to offer fiat-crypto transfers and e-wallet services.

Cold Staking & Delegations

As MyCointainer continues to innovate different staking services, we boldly integrate cold staking services for various coins. We believe that this is another step towards development and increase the quality of service, comfort, transparency, and security of your funds.

With Cold Staking, you delegate your coins to the MyCointainer node that stakes your coins on your behalf. Since MyCointainer node is actively staking new blocks on the different blockchains, Cold Staking offers the same network security benefits as a regular staking and therefore the same rewards.

An advantage of cold staking is you are still in control of the coins you own and your rewards will retain in your safekeeping. MyCointainer node cannot access your funds.

Thanks to the delegation to MyCointainer nodes, you can enjoy the security of your funds, but also the best bonus offer in the entire market.

Power Subscriptions

MyCointainer Power feature takes you to a world full of PoS and masternode coins. Under this function, there are three levels, each containing different subscription plans.

Power Zero is the first subscription level going for a monthly fee of 7.90 EUR. The second and third levels are Max and Percent, each with a monthly subscription fee of 14.90 and 29.90 EUR, respectively.

Luckily, all levels charge zero fees on any withdrawals and 200+ exchange pairs. Another advantage is that there are 0% staking fees for every digital asset. Max and Percent subscribers receive VIP giveaways and offers worth approximately $200. Moreover, Percent subscribers will get Partners’ Superb Rewards Every Month .

Users also get in direct contact with a shared masternode system for diverse coins supported on MyCointainer. Another point to note is that the entire subscription process is automated, meaning users need to choose their preferred subscription level and watch their investments grow.

A Company Open to Collaborations

MyContainer’s vision seeks to add merit towards both institutional and retail customers by providing a valuable product. Furthermore, it is the staking company’s wish to make every individual feel the benefits of the services they offer while trying to fuel up the crypto mass adoption dream.

Due to this reason, MyCointainer is open to working with new partners, platforms, or other entities to expand further with innovative projects. To be precise, MyCointainer is on the hunt for any interested parties, such as blockchain developers, who will be solely responsible for designing the platform’s blockchain.

Legal advisor positions are also available for anyone willing to extend their legal insight knowledge concerning cryptocurrencies and the overall financial industry. Professional marketers equally have a spot at MyCointainer to assist the ecosystem in raising a global staking audience. In simple terms, anyone with an innovative idea evolving around a decentralized financial system can reach out to MyCointainer for a fruitful partnership.

Advantages of MyCointainer

User Funds Protection

To ensure user’s funds are safe from any unforeseen circumstance, MyCointainer transfers all its assets to a cold wallet, a safer way to store assets without an internet connection. In the event of a hack where users lose their investments, MyCointainer employs the Secure Asset Funds for Users which automatically compensates the affected users.

Wide Range of Assets

MyCointainer hosts a diverse number of assets under one roof. The 100+ assets are all PoS based digital coins that can also be accessed through the in-built exchange MyCointainer designed. Furthermore, the ecosystem supports some of the most dominant coins in the market such as Polkadot, Tezos, the newly founded ETH2.0 and many more.

Passive Income Opportunities

Through MyCointainer, users have the chance to stake their preferred digital asset and watch their profits grow. However before embarking on the staking and masternode journey, it is advisable to find out more (DYOR) on the asset you intend to stake.

That way, stakers can determine and perhaps estimate on how profitable staking can get before embarking on it. The whole staking process is fully automated, therefore, users don’t need to handle any complex details.

Final Word

Investing in the crypto space can be a bit hectic; however, MyCointainer introduces a more comfortable way for investors to generate adequate profits. Taking an automated approach is also an advantageous way of trading since it eradicates chances of  human errors that may occur when staking.

Since MyCointainer focuses majorly on staking, block validation will ultimately become a popular earning mechanism in the digital currency ecosystem. In the end, transaction operations will grow to become more transparent and fast, which meets the overall cryptocurrency goal of revolutionizing the traditional financial system.