MyCointainer to Delist Beldex (BDX)

We've decided to delist Beldex (BDX) from our staking platform. Holders must withdraw their coins on or before December 10, 2022.

MyCointainer to Delist Beldex (BDX)

Dear MyCointainer Community,

MyCointainer is constantly rebalancing its crypto staking portfolio to ensure that assets are effectively allocated in accordance with the current financial strategy.

For this reason, we've decided to delist Beldex (BDX) from our staking platform. Narrowing the list of tradable assets will help our users to focus on greater investment opportunities and passive income rewards.

However, we are not giving up on this project. We will try to make it possible to host your BDX node on MyCointainer Node Deployment. With this change, users will have full control over their coins. In addition, ROI should be much more stable than in the case of custodial staking.

We had previous technical difficulties with the Beldex wallet, but rest assured that our team managed to solve all related issues. In order to prevent further interventions and protect all users' funds, we opt to act with high precautions in this matter.

Please be advised that all BDX holders must withdraw their coins until December 10, 2022. Funds not withdrawn on or before the given date will be irrevocably forfeited.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

MyCointainer Team