​​MyCointainer to integrate the business ecosystem of Aleph Zero network

​​MyCointainer to integrate the business ecosystem of Aleph Zero network
​​MyCointainer to integrate the business ecosystem of Aleph Zero network

We are pleased to announce that Aleph Zero will work with MyCointainer to integrate the Aleph Zero coin (AZERO) and its business ecosystem into our platform. We consider this new partnership to help scale out the blockchain protocol by shared technology innovations, use-cases, and community involvement.

Project in nutshell

Aleph Zero is a layer 1 blockchain platform based on a novel, peer-reviewed consensus protocol, AlephBFT. The consensus utilizes a Directed Acyclic Graph architecture as an intermediary data structure, resulting in a rapid time to finality. In the end, however, Aleph Zero is still a blockchain—not a DAG.

AlephBFT, as a DAG consensus protocol, allows multiple users to create units/blocks at the same time, and the blocks are subsequently ordered and validated by this novel consensus. Such an approach allows for massive gains in both speed and throughput of the whole platform.

AZERO is the native coin powering the Aleph Zero platform. The coin fuels the ecosystem to build privacy-enhancing smart contracts, with minimal transaction fees, ultimately bringing efficiency and security with significantly lower risk for external manipulation.

MyCointainer role in Aleph Zero Ecosystem

Users of the MyCointainer website and app will be able to buy and sell AZERO with EUR, BTC, USDT, and other major crypto and fiat currencies. The most reliable exchange service that offers the lowest rate for AZERO with added bonus coins for every transaction.

MyCointainer will act as a testnet & mainnet validator of the Aleph Zero network. Validators maintain the security of the blockchain network, provide transactions, and add new blocks. Thanks to this, MyCointainer will receive rewards which will be shared with our delegators in the cold staking process.

The integral product of MyCointainer staking service will be available to all AZERO coin holders for an easy to stake functionality, no minimum requirements, and at the same time variety of staking assets to choose from. This is the perfect way to grow your portfolio as a beginner in crypto.

For those businesses who would like to begin their crypto enterprise, or for those individuals who would like to build their own nodes, they will be able utilize the Node Deployment infrastructure of MyCointainer as a tool to build their crypto company whether it is about gaming, exchange, and staking including the Aleph Zero framework.

Why should you be interested in the Aleph Zero?

Aleph Zero represents breaking new ground to solve the Blockchain Trilemma of the current system. Many of the crypto community supports the mission because we believe today is the time to build a platform with great speed, acceptable validation time, scalability, and security.

AZERO proves their project has a concrete roadmap, a team of professionals, and a community backing them. Consider adding AZERO to your watchlist because we will see a new paradigm of improvements on the crypto ecosystem.

As we list AZERO on MyCointainer, we believe that users can take advantage of the project’s long term ability to succeed in its goal, as well as incentivizing the coin holders by the appreciation of coin price. It will serve as passive income with less risk involved.

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