​​MyCointainer To Integrate Cudos Staking

We are pleased to announce that Cudos has teamed up with MyCointainer to integrate the Cudos ecosystem into the platform.

​​MyCointainer To Integrate Cudos Staking

We are pleased to announce that Cudos has teamed up with MyCointainer to integrate the Cudos ecosystem into the platform. The strategic partnership will empower the community and organizations to save energy through sustainable blockchain solutions and reward ourselves with CUDOS tokens.

Project in a Nutshell

The Cudos Network is a Layer 1 blockchain and Layer 2 community-governed compute network designed to provide high-performance, trustless, and permissionless cloud computing for all.

The network runs on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus model, with Validators checking transactions and providing compute cycles for DApps to consume.

On the Cudos Network, developers, individuals and businesses will be able to deploy next-generation smart contracts with the added benefits of faster transaction speed, fundamentally lower transaction costs, and the ability to design special-purpose workflows.

The native utility token CUDOS is the lifeblood of the network and offers an attractive annual yield and liquidity for stakers and holders. Within the Cudos network, the CUDOS token serves multiple purposes.  

The CUDOS token clearly serves defined utility purposes. These include network governance, operations, a staking mechanism, and a medium of exchange.

MyCointainer and the CUDOS work plans

CUDOS is presently listed on the MyCointainer Exchange to buy and sell with BTC, USDT, and EUR pairs, and major crypto and fiat currencies. Directly trade CUDOS and receive the tokens in your account instantly.

Soon, we will open the staking functionality of CUDOS along with 150+ staking assets which offers more earning opportunities for everyone. All assets generate daily crypto interests which makes the investments even more rewarding. The most advantageous part, is there’s no need to study the technicalities of staking, and there's a Support team to guide you on MyCointainer.  

Cold staking is also an option which is to become a delegator of Cudos Network. For added security, delegate your CUDOS to the network, without having the tokens leave your own wallet. This allows you to earn staking rewards while protecting the Cudos network and your CUDOS tokens at the same time.

In the business perspective, MyCointainer will be hosting the node deployment. Similar products of MyCointainer such as the Node Deployment will open up new possible alternatives to reward token holders while contributing to the security of the Cudos network.

Why should you be interested in Cudos Network?

Cudos is another innovative product that emphasizes the ability to create a decentralized Web 3.0 environment that we are all looking forward to. The token holders can stake, earn, and participate in governance using CUDOS.

Because of the staking abilities, users can utilize Cudos network to become a delegator/ validator and earn staking rewards. Even if you don’t meet the native staking minimum requirements, you can always use MyCointainer staking mechanisms and have the same benefits of earning rewards.

CUDOS token listed on MyCointainer will enable easy access to various rewarding stake mechanisms for everyone. This will create a financial landscape and speed up the global adoption of CUDOS through token liquidity via staking and exchange.

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