MyCointainer's Recap of Cudos (CUDOS) Full Integration

Integration includes the access to the Cudos ecosystem. Easily stake the token and earn significant rewards on a daily basis.

MyCointainer's Recap of Cudos (CUDOS) Full Integration

MyCointainer’s recap of the full integration of Cudos (CUDOS) to our platform, providing our users with more opportunities to participate in the Cudos ecosystem.

Cudos Project Intro

Cudos is a decentralized cloud computing network that enables the execution of complex computing tasks in a scalable and secure manner. It connects idle computing resources across different devices and data centers to form a distributed computing network, allowing users to tap into unused computing power and share resources. The Cudos network is powered by its native token, CUDOS, which is used for transactions and to incentivize nodes to contribute computing resources. With Cudos, businesses and individuals can access powerful computing resources on demand, without having to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure.

Staking App

MyCointainer supports $CUDOS staking, allowing users to earn passive income by holding and staking their assets. By staking your $CUDOS, you can earn an estimated 9.23% APR on your investment. The longer you hold, the more rewards you can earn.

Cudos (CUDOS)

Deposit or buy &CUDOS to stake with 9.23% yearly rewards!


Experienced and novice investors alike can confidently watch their CUDOS investments grow with minimal risk involved. MyCointainer utilizes SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) to protect funds and employs safety protocols that provide multi-layered security for all deposits.

Exchange App

Users can trade $CUDOS against EURO, BTC, USDT, and major cryptocurrencies on MyCointainer. We use multiple API points to guarantee our users with the lowest prices from the market, making it easier to trade and save on fees.

Cudos (CUDOS)

Trade $CUDOS with EUR, BTC and USDT pairs


The platform offers different coin bonuses for users who have successfully finished trading any pairs using the built-in exchange. Instantly receive the newly exchanged coin in your designated digital wallet without difficulty.  

Cold Staking

Our staking platform allows users to participate in the Cudos consensus mechanism by utilizing on-chain blockchain technology. Validators and nominators who validate transactions and contribute to the network's decentralization are compensated handsomely. You can delegate your $CUDOS to MyCointainer's node and earn stable returns that are stored directly in your offline wallet. Our validator node is active and ready to receive your delegations.

At MyCointainer, we provide our users with various options, including centralized and decentralized solutions. Our Cold Staking Cudos product is a self-custodial, decentralized solution that gives users complete control over their assets and data. It is not controlled by a central authority, and users manage their assets through personal wallets, with all activities visible on the blockchain. Stakers can be confident that they are in charge of their assets and that the product is a non-custodial service, providing the flexibility and security required for managing cryptocurrency assets successfully.

Cudos (CUDOS)

Stake your CUDOS in a fully decentralized manner

Delegate CUDOS

Stake your $CUDOS to the MyCointainer node and have stable returns that are stored directly in your decentralized wallet. Our validator node is active and ready for your delegations.


MyCointainer is committed to providing our users with the best opportunities to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. With the addition of CUDOS to our platform, we are excited to offer our users more ways to earn passive income and participate in the growth of the CUDOS ecosystem. Join us in supporting Cudos's innovative project and start building your wealth through ecological Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

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