MyCointainer's Recap of Shentu (CTK) Full Integration

Recap of the Shentu (CTK) full integration to our platform, providing our users with the best opportunities to participate in the Shentu ecosystem.

MyCointainer's Recap of Shentu (CTK) Full Integration
Recap of Shentu (CTK) Full Integration

Recap of the Shentu (CTK) full integration to our platform, providing our users with the best opportunities to participate in the Shentu ecosystem.

Shentu (CTK) Project Intro

Shentu is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to empower creators, artists, and communities in the digital world. It connects various platforms and ecosystems to form a unified digital marketplace, enabling users to trade, purchase, and support their favorite creators and projects.

Shentu Chain ⛓ Building Secure Blockchain Infrastructure
The Shentu Chain’s mission is to create a more trustworthy blockchain world for all, starting with the Shentu Chain, a public platform that’s secure, decentralized and compatible & interoperable with other blockchain ecosystems. Where security is a need, not a nice-to-have.

The Shentu network is powered by its native token, $CTK, which is used for transactions and to incentivize nodes to contribute resources. With Shentu, businesses and individuals can access a vibrant digital economy, driving the growth and adoption of decentralized platforms.

MyCointainer Platform & Wallet Integration

Beginning today, community members can take advantage of the Shentu native token's utility on our platform. Deposits and withdrawals are processed on the Shentu (Cosmos) network, simplifying interactions with your platform wallet and enabling you to choose from various Earning Apps. This seamless integration ensures a user-friendly experience and promotes the growth and adoption of Shentu within the MyCointainer community.

Shentu (CTK) Asset Profile

Staking App

MyCointainer supports $CTK at Staking App, allowing users to earn passive income by holding and staking their assets. Earn an estimated 31.20% APY on your staked $CTK. The longer you hold, the more rewards you can earn.

Shentu (CTK) Staking App

Exchange App

Users can trade $CTK against EUR, BTC, USDT, and major cryptocurrencies on MyCointainer Exchange App. We use multiple API points to guarantee our users with the lowest prices from the market, making it easier to trade and save on fees.

Shentu (CTK) Exchange App

The platform offers different coin bonuses for users who have successfully finished trading any pairs using the built-in exchange.

Cold Staking

At MyCointainer, we provide users with a variety of options for staking and managing their cryptocurrency assets. Our Cold Staking $CTK product is a decentralized, self-custodial solution that utilizes on-chain blockchain technology to participate in the Shentu consensus mechanism. By staking Shentu and validating transactions, validators and nominators can earn generous rewards while helping to keep the network decentralized and secure. This non-custodial service puts users in charge, with complete control over their assets and data through personal wallets, and all activity visible on-chain.

Shentu (CTK) & Cold Staking Delegations
Stake your Shentu (CTK) coins directly from your own wallets and earn in a non-custodial way. Your keys, your crypto rewards.

Stake your $CTK to the MyCointainer node and enjoy stable returns stored directly in your offline wallet.

Node Deployment

Shentu has made significant strides toward decentralization in recent months. Anyone can become a validator and contribute to the network's growth and security. External operators are invited to participate, allowing for testing and feedback to improve Shentu's performance and functionality, ensuring it is bug-free.

Shentu (CTK) Node Deployment

Individuals and organizations can deploy their own mainnet nodes of Shentu on MyCointainer Business. Our improved developer tools streamline integration, requiring minimal technical knowledge to operate. Running a node is easy using the cutting-edge hosting infrastructures provided by MyCointainer, leveraging speed, scalability, and analytical tools.


MyCointainer is committed to providing our users with the best opportunities to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. With the addition of $CTK to our platform, we are excited to offer our users more ways to earn passive income and participate in the growth of the Shentu ecosystem.

MyCointainer Crypto Earning Platform

Join us in supporting Shentu's innovative project and start building your wealth.