New version of the platform

New version of the platform

Hi MyCointainer users!

We’ve had two beautiful years together. The industry has grown stronger and gained experience, and so have we.

MyCointainer continuously checks its products and services to propose changes and improvements in light of the changing community standards. To increase the comfort and safety of our users and provide everyone with an efficient, modern and safe cryptographic environment, MyCointainer is happy to announce the release of a completely new version of the platform.

We believe that it will enhance user experience and the simplicity of investing at a brand new level. The platform’s modern architecture ensures a shorter loading time and provides the safest option in the industry.

Our services are divided into three categories: Individuals, Businesses and Coin Developers so that everyone can quickly find what they are currently looking for. Each section has a variety of investment and  fund allocation options or partnerships with MyCointainer.

The new platform contains a summary of the incredible, two-year long transformation from a small business to a well-respected industry player. Everyone can get acquainted with the architects of our success, our story or the exciting plans for the future. Moreover, everyone can contact us directly, heading to the appropriate section.

Knowledge is the key to success in the cryptoindustry. Therefore, you will find even more useful and simple tutorials dedicated to earning and investing on our site.

We are constantly developing in terms of safety, which is why in the following days we’re going to be working on changing the AML/KYC processes in the Main Panel and adding a new application which processes FIAT transfers and crypto deposits.

Stay tuned.