Successful Partnership Integration of CoinEx Smart Chain (CET) on MyCointainer

MyCointainer users can begin to utilize the CoinEx Smart Chain infrastructure on the platform. This includes $CET staking which let you earn ∼7% APR.

Successful Partnership Integration of CoinEx Smart Chain (CET) on MyCointainer

MyCointainer has successfully integrated CoinEx, which allows $CET token holders to stake, exchange, and host a node on the MyCointainer platform. The token functionalities enable a more diverse use-case of the token and empower token holders to engage and support the project.

Token Integrations on MyCointainer

• CET Staking

Community members can begin to stake their $CET tokens and earn staking rewards daily. Using MyCointainer's easy-to-navigate interface, users can readily activate the staking mechanism, simply by depositing $CET in their in-app wallet, and it automatically generates earnings.

Monitor your investments using the updated versions of desktop and mobile apps.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CET)

Deposit & stake CET with 7% yearly rewards!

Stake Now!

   Earn ∼7.2% APR when you stake $CET on MyCointainer.

    Watch your cryptocurrency assets grow over time.

• CET Exchange Pairs

MyCointainer is regulated by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) to provide services of exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, and vice versa. The platform's built-in exchange enables users to buy and sell $CET against BTC, USDT, EUR and many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Following the completion of the transaction, you can stake $CET, just like many Proof-of-Stake assets available on the platform.

Get the best rates and a bonus crypto with every trade to maximize the rewards.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CET)

Buy your CET tokens today through MyCointainer Exchange.

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• CoinEx Smart Chain Node Hosting

MyCointainer enables communities to join and participate in blockchain networks without having to build and maintain their own hardware and code bases. We provide comprehensive solutions for dApps and web3 developers through simple node management.

Having a guide for the CoinEx node setup on MyCointainer is extremely useful when trying to start the integration process.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CET)

Easily deploy your CoinEx Smart Chain node utilizing the best developer tools on MyCointainer Business.

Set Up Your CSC Node Now!


MyCointainer's framework and CoinEx's technological innovations are leading to value opportunities for both organizations and enriching the $CET holders with a friendly financial approach.  

Staking $CET is a great way to earn passive income from your crypto assets and generate better yields.

In MyCointainer, you can make your money work for you with stable and secured financial returns.

Pre-Integration Announcement

​​MyCointainer Prepares to Partner with CoinEx Smart Chain
CoinEx Smart Chain financial services will soon be offered to MyCointainer users. Anticipating the CET asset listing and trading for integration in the forthcoming weeks.