Vega Protocol (VEGA) Staking Live on MyCointainer

MyCointainer users can begin to utilize the Vega Protocol token on the platform. This includes $VEGA staking that lets you earn ∼10.1% APR.

Vega Protocol (VEGA) Staking Live on MyCointainer

We are thrilled to announce the partnership integration of the Vega Protocol (VEGA) token into the MyCointainer platform.

Starting today, community members can utilize the earning applications of Vega Protocol’s native token, $VEGA through staking, and reinforce its operation in building a decentralized derivatives trading platform.

Easily gain access to these products and services, commit your tokens to support the network, and generously obtain your well deserved rewards.

Vega Protocol Ecosystem Introduction

Blockchain derivatives
Discover Web3’s native derivatives trading platform that is helping DeFi mature.

Vega opens and decentralizes markets by fully automating the processes and incentives for trading and settling financial products between pseudonymous participants. This requires carefully designed mechanisms of economic rewards and penalties, and a protocol that balances the desire for permissionless innovation with the need to protect markets and participants.

The native token of the Vega Protocol is $VEGA. It is used for a variety of purposes on the network, including voting on the creation of new markets, running validator nodes, earning fees from traders, and governing important network parameters.

Earn Passive Income by Staking your $VEGA

Vega Protocol (VEGA)

Earn ∼10.1% APR when you stake $VEGA on MyCointainer.

Stake VEGA

Community members can begin to stake their $VEGA tokens and earn staking rewards daily. Using MyCointainer's easy-to-navigate interface, users can readily activate the staking mechanism, simply by depositing $VEGA in their in-app wallet, and it automatically generates earnings.

Monitor your investments using the updated versions of desktop and mobile apps.


The rise of early Web3 adopters is an indication of growing interest in crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi). The Vega Protocol serves the community that favors anonymous derivatives, including futures, swaps and options, and eliminates financial intermediaries.

Staking of $VEGA on MyCointainer can drive the token and the project to thrive in the DeFi space. Alongside the participation to the protocol, token holders can generate better yields making your money work for you.

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