MyCointainer-Dock Partnership Enhances Accessibility To Crypto Products

MyCointainer-Dock Partnership Enhances Accessibility To Crypto Products

We are strengthening our partnership with Dock to further expand its crypto solutions and offer customers more opportunities to grow their funds. This follows MyCointainer's move to make it possible for the community to avail a digital investment offer for as little as 1 EUR through the staking mechanism, the passive income generator on the MyCointainer desktop or mobile app.

MyCointainer has always been supporting Dock from its early days, as it is the leading innovator in decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). They have worked with companies to fasten the adoption of new blockchain technologies by helping understand the true ownership of data, and favorable ways to earn $DOCK.

Community members can claim their $DOCK rewards in numerous methods.

If you're interested, here's how you can get started.

Earn Rewards By Staking DOCK

Community members can begin to stake their $DOCK tokens and earn staking rewards daily. Using MyCointainer's easy-to-navigate interface, users can readily activate the staking mechanism, simply by depositing $DOCK in their in-app wallet, and it automatically generates earnings.

Conveniently watch your $DOCK holdings grow because of the staking process, and avoid the in-depth technicalities of Dock staking, ideal for anyone who wants to start their staking journey.

Earn ∼11% APR when you stake $DOCK on MyCointainer. Watch your cryptocurrency assets grow over time.

DOCK Exchange Pairs

MyCointainer's built-in exchange is connected to the top 13 exchanges, which is why you get the best rates every time you buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies. We have over 350 trading pairs available, and it would only take a second to confirm your transaction.

Trade $DOCK against BTC, and EUR. Many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies pairs are opening soon.

There's more!

For every successful trade of $DOCK or other cryptocurrencies, you will get an automatic bonus coin of 5 $DOCKS. Maximize your rewards by having the best exchange rates and a special gift with each transaction.

DOCK Cold Staking

MyCointainer's Cold Staking is a decentralized application that allows users to participate in the staking mechanism while holding their tokens and private keys. Also, holders receive the same financial benefit of earning rewards and the highest level of security for their assets.

We have updated the current DOCK system, which offers lower staking fees to all delegators but these changes caused some of the nominations to be stopped. For our current DOCK delegators, we advise you to check your accounts to see whether your previous delegation is canceled and if it happened, we encourage you to re-delegate your tokens to avail the discounts on fees. It would only take a few moments of your time to re-nominate MyCointainer node. For users who want to participate in delegating their DOCK tokens, we have an article on how to get started.

Delegate your $DOCK to the MyCointainer node and have stable returns that are stored directly in your offline wallet.

Dock Node Deployment

The addition of Dock to MyCointainer's list of supported blockchains means we shoulder the maintenance and engineering of the Dock node on your behalf, so you can focus on building your technology.

We have proven experience in running our own Dock validator node and we hope to share our success with you as you begin your node deployment. More information about Dock node deployment can be read here.


These latest financial services we offer to the Dock community are only the beginning of a growing adoption of the project. Be part of the decentralization of Dock by engaging in one or more activities, such as trading $DOCK and then participating in custodial & non-custodial staking. Node deployment is another option to build your own project to solve existing data problems.  

The important factor is that you choose to participate in the Dock ecosystem, through MyCointainer, to be rewarded with $DOCK tokens.