MyCointainer has Officially Integrated Hololoot Token

MyCointainer users can begin to use the Hololoot infrastructure on the platform. This includes Hololoot staking which let users earn ∼16% APR.

MyCointainer has Officially Integrated Hololoot Token

Constantly evolving and growing, MyCointainer has successfully listed Hololoot, allowing $HOL token holders to stake and trade on the platform. This is a great opportunity for those who own the $HOL token to participate in the developing world of staking and AR NFT. The integration program between MyCointainer and Hololoot offers a unique innovation that aligns outstanding dual incentives and creates an environment where everyone involved wins.

Hololoot Staking

Users who want to earn passive income can start staking $HOL tokens, simply by depositing the token in their dedicated MyCointainer wallet. Earning daily compounding reward automatically activates once the deposit has been confirmed. Without putting too much effort into the technical details, they can still monitor their Hololoot investment growth as it makes ∼16% APR. The interest is given to them in the form of additional $HOL tokens, which makes investing super convenient and an ideal way to generate wealth.

Hololoot (HOL)

Deposit & stake HOL with 16% yearly rewards!

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Hololoot Trading Pairs

MyCointainer is regulated by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) to provide services of exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, and vice versa. The platform's built-in exchange enables users to buy and sell $HOL against BTC, USDT, EUR and many other FIAT and cryptocurrencies. Get the best rates and a bonus crypto with every successful trade to maximize the rewards. Following the completion of the transaction, they can stake $HOL just like many other staking assets available on the platform.

Hololoot (HOL)

Trade HOL with EUR, BTC, and USDT pairs.

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Hololoot Airdrop

Stakers of $HOL tokens are entitled to receive $PIXEL tokens according to the dual token model incentives of Hololoot. Obtain $PIXEL, which is Hololoot's reward token, by intentionally locking in the investments and actively increasing the size of the stake for a longer period. This is a guaranteed airdrop that provides greater value for the community and the project.


MyCointainer is entering an interesting field in the crypto space bridging the staking mechanism and AR NFT utility of Hololoot. We are bullish that more crypto enthusiasts and Hololoot token holders will join the staking community sooner or later. This will allow them to gain higher yields and exclusive airdrops as widespread adoption begins.

Work less and make more money by staking the asset.

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Pre-Integration Announcement

Hololoot Partners with MyCointainer to Support Token Integration
We are happy to announce that MyCointainer will join forces with Hololoot to integrate token support and explore new possibilities on AR and NFT technologies