Successful Integration of Aleph Zero on MyCointainer

Integration includes the access to the Aleph Zero ecosystem. Easily stake the token and earn significant rewards on a daily basis.

Successful Integration of Aleph Zero on MyCointainer

MyCointainer has officially listed Aleph Zero into the platform. The integration makes it possible for current and future $AZERO coin holders to access the asset, easily stake the token and earn significant rewards on a daily basis. This builds more exposure to the Aleph Zero ecosystem, as we are all optimistic about the project's potential to make the most privacy-enhancing smart contracts that have both speed and throughput.    

Aleph Zero Staking

MyCointainer supports $AZERO coin and its staking functionality that empowers users to earn passive income. Earn an estimated 12% APR on your staked $AZERO. Hold the coin for a longer period to maximize the staked earnings, and increase profits that you can gain.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Deposit or buy $AZERO to stake with 12% yearly rewards!


Experienced and beginners can comfortably watch their investments in Aleph Zero grow with minimal risks involved. As MyCointainer funds are protected by SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users), and the platform’s safety protocols ensure that all deposits are protected by multi-layered security.  

Aleph Zero Trading Pairs

Users can begin trading BTC, USDT, major cryptocurrencies and EUR fiat against $AZERO, and have the best deals whenever they make a transaction. MyCointainer utilizes multiple API points to get the lowest prices from the market, so traders don’t have to keep searching at different exchanges.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Trade $AZERO with EUR, BTC, and USDT pairs


The platform offers different coin bonuses for users who have successfully finished trading any pairs using the built-in exchange. Instantly receive the newly exchanged coin in your designated digital wallet without difficulty.  

Aleph Zero Cold Staking

Our staking platform utilizes on-chain blockchain technology to participate in the Aleph Zero consensus mechanism. By taking the initiative to validate transactions and honest work, validators and nominators are compensated generously. Aleph Zero requires the community’s support by staking AZERO and keeping the network decentralized and secure.

At MyCointainer, we believe in offering a variety of options to our users, so we offer both centralized and decentralized solutions. Our Cold Staking AZERO product is a decentralized, self-custodial solution. It is not controlled by a central authority, and users have complete control over their own assets and data. This is done through the use of personal wallets, and all activity is visible on-chain. Stakers can be confident that this product is a non-custodial service that puts them in charge. It gives the flexibility and safety needed to successfully manage cryptocurrency assets.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Stake your AZERO in a fully decentralised manner

Delegate AZERO

Stake your $AZERO to the MyCointainer node and have stable returns that are stored directly in your offline wallet. Our validator node is active and ready for your delegations.

Aleph Zero Node Deployment

In recent months, Aleph Zero has taken significant steps towards decentralization by introducing community validators to the Mainnet, making it possible for anyone to become a validator.

Aleph Zero invites external operators to participate in their network, giving members the opportunity to run and test the blockchain. This allows the community to transact, explore, and provide feedback on the project, which helps to improve the performance and functionality of Aleph Zero and ensure that it is free from bugs.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Run your Aleph Zero Testnet &/or Mainnet Validator node

Deploy AZERO node

Individuals and organizations can deploy their own testnet & mainnet nodes of Aleph Zero on MyCointainer Business. Our improved developer tools can simplify and optimize the user experience, including streamlined integration with just a few clicks, which does not need technical knowledge to operate. This leverages the speed, scalability, and analytical tools of running your node with ease using the cutting-edge hosting infrastructures from MyCointainer.  


The MyCointainer team always performs our due diligence whenever we list a new project on the platform. This includes the addition of Aleph Zero which gives everyone financial benefits, and also develops superb new decentralized applications of the future. Participate in keeping the Aleph Zero network secure, and start building your wealth by utilizing the ecological Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Let's support each other's innovations.

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